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What is the minimum order in terms of sum?

We do not use the term «minimum order in terms of sum», it is important that it is profitable both for you and for us.

What is the minimum order in terms of number of auto parts?

We do not use the term «minimum order in terms of number», what is important for us is that you can successfully export from China and deliver to Russia the items. We usually send the cargo to the point of destination in sea or railway containers. Minimum order quantity by sea is a 20-foot container and by rail – two 20-foot containers or one 40-foot container.

If you can import the goods on you own, and you do not need our logistic support, we can send you the goods wherever you require (within the territory of the PRC) at our expense.

How to order correctly auto parts in China?

When you go to any wholesale company in China, you need to have a list of auto parts that you need, including catalogue number or photos of auto parts. This is a mandatory condition for purchasing the necessary parts; otherwise you can be sent a wrong auto part.

What is the acceptance procedure in China?

The goods are received at supplier’s warehouse by pickup process stated in your order list, exclusively by your catalogue numbers or photos.

What is the period for auto parts pickup in China?

The period of picking the auto parts for Chinese trucks, buses and custom vehicles per one container equals 7-12 days, depending on order quantity. The period of picking the auto parts for domestic trucks, buses and custom vehicles equals 20-35 days, depending on manufacturing complexity and quantity of parts.

How to check quality and conformity of auto parts during shipment?

There are a few options, we can take photo of every auto part and forward them to you for verification, we can also ask our managers to accept the goods in online mode via Skype together with you, or you can come to our warehouse and receive the goods with our staff.

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